How did you find your first few days with your baby?

I found my first few days with baby relaxing, sore, tiring....relaxing because usually my husband was home and all I had to be concerned with was baby and me. He took care of everything else. Sore for obvious reasons and tiring because I was still recovering from having a baby, adjusting to baby waking up every hour or two.

What about you?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Ever Lopez
    I was very scare with my 1st a will call my mother every time he made a move and cry but my 2nd I was an
      It hadn't hit me... I was a first time young mother.. still in college. And never held or taken care of a baby (well not a newborn) I was freaking out, but I actually kept myself together really well and felt totally comfortable with my baby!
        I was incredibly sore and exhausted. I was extremely disappointed in the fact that I couldn't figure out breastfeeding. My son latched so hard it and was so painful for me... the nurses kept saying to stick with it and it would get better but I just couldn't! So I started pumping for him.. pretty ridiculous to pump when your baby is right next to you but I was determined to give him breast milk. I pumped for him for 6 months! I hope and pray to get the hang of breastfeeding for my second child! :)
          My first daughter , after she was born . It was sore and tired . My ex husand did all the work .
            7Sherrie Bierman
            with all my previous births(since i am not due with this one til Dec)have somewhat been stressful. Normally being the only one at home with toddlers and a newborn while the hubby is at work hasn't been fun in the past. It probably wont be much different with this one either.
              i was very sore because of the c-section i just could not straighten up and stand up right but every time i looked at my son i knew i could be alot stronger thank goodness for moms because my mom helped me out alot
                With my first son, everything was a breeze. I had plenty of help so there was no reason for me to be scared or uncomfortable in anyway. However, my second child came as a surprise and I had only two months to prep and prepare to become a mother for the second time. So I was very confused and scared at the same time. Surprisingly, I recovered rather quickly from giving birth and my son and I developed a tight bond almost immediately. He was a breast baby, so that might have had a lot to do with it. My first few days, as I can remember, was basically watching him sleep all the time and learning to get use to breastfeeding. Other than that, I relaxed while I could before returning back to work loading trucks.
                  4Jennifer Bourcier
                  Amazing, Breathtaking, Excited, Exausted,Scared and I couldnt believe I made a baby. Even though it was scary it still was the best feeling in the world and a relief when you hold Baby for the first time. I am getting emotional thinking about it. <3
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