Connecting with husband after baby arrives

I feel like my husband and I were doing great after our little guy came into the world, but now I feel like I just can't connect to him. I know this is on my end not his, because he is a loving caring husband, but I just feel lost in our Marriage. Any suggestions on how to get that spark back?

Moms Expertise
    Come up with a list of quick and easy ideas to spend time together. Write them down on little strips of paper, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Anytime the baby is asleep and you have a few minutes, pull a paper out of the jar and do what it says, no excuses.

    A few ideas:
    - Sit down together and talk about something nice your spouse did for you that week or why you love your spouse.
    - Take a shower or bath together.
    - Cuddle
    - Kiss
    - Watch a movie or show together
    - Eat a meal together
    - Write each other a love note
    - Write each other a love note and hide it somewhere they will find later
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