How to switch over from pumping to breast feeding?

Hi friends I'm new to this site I have a question till my baby's 2 1/2 months I pumped and offered him that milk but now I'm exhausted I want to change my baby to complete breast feeding with minimum times pumping. As first step I'm continuously breast feeding for minimum 6 hrs .my baby is sleeping whenever while breast feeding. He is waking up after half an hour and cry for milk. As a result my pumping times got reduced.i'm concerned whether he is getting enough amount?his pee timings are normal and poop daily 1 or 2 times .Am I going in a right way ?Please help me by sharing your experiences....

    Your doing great, no worries, give him your breast his body and saliva give signals to your body to produce the right amounts that needed and necessary. Continue to breast feed him when he gives you the hunger cue, also if hes got enough wet diapers and bowel movements then your doing it right! Here's a few attachments to help you out for your supply to stay steady also remember to drink plenty of water.
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      I've never switched from pumping to breast feeding but what Laura and Lindsay said makes sense .
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