Did anyone help with the baby? If so who was it?

My husband usually took a week or two of vacation time with each of our children. I think the only one he didn't get much time with was our third because we were planning a trip back to Nova Scotia.

My mil came to help with the older children for most of our births.

My mom came a few weeks postpartum with a couple of our children.

With our fourth, I had a terrible cold during that pregnancy and a wicked cough. The coughing was so bad I wrenched my back out and could barely move. I had four weeks of help with that baby. My husband and mil the first week, a friend came the second week, another friend came for a week and then my mom came for a week. It was heavenly! lol!

Did anyone help with the baby? If so who was it?

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    Hubby has always taken time, With Grace he took two weeks and it was awesome.
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