Was your labor an easy labor or where there complications?

Most of mine were ok labors, some would think them easy because I stayed at home as long as I could with babies 3-5 and the last three were born at home.

With my first though, my water broke first and of course since it was my first they wanted me to go right to the hospital. They were still concerned I wouldn't be able to deliver baby because she was measuring big. Our daughter was not born until nearly 24 hours later. My labor was slow, as it usually is for a lot of first time moms, so I spent much of my time walking and being monitored. Finally about 12 hours in they induced me with pitocin. I had demerol first and then my husband said that I requested an epidural (I don't even remember doing so!). The first epidural did not work and hurt (it wasn't suppose to hurt so bad!) so I got another one and it didn't work either and I still felt all the contractions in one side. They said I experienced what they call a "window" . I admit I did not know how to push and pushed wrong so it took me 50 minutes of pushing to push our daughter out. I had an episiotomy (OUCHIE!). My back and bottom were sore for a very long time due to the "trauma" they went through.

So my complications were medical interventions. What about your labor, easy or were there complications?

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