Maybe pregnant?

So my husband had a vasectomy early this year. I am late on my period and have been having some symptoms of pregnancy but I cant tell if that's just because my period is going to start. I looked up pregnancy after vasectomy and surprised to see how common it is. I am very nervous about the whole situation. I am a very faithful woman to my husband and I hope, if I am pregnant, he would not doubt me. I am so scared and wondering if any of you ladies have gotten pregnant after a vasectomy. I have not taken a pregnancy test. 1 im just hoping my period starts before the 15th and 2 im to scared.

    Wow, let us know if you are though, that's rare huh.
      Well if you found that the possibility of a pregnancy is common after a vasectomy then if your husband doubts you, talk to him and show him the research you found and I am sure he will support you 100% and I would also go ahead and see my family doctor if I were you. Also when I pray about something, it always makes me feel better. :) Good luck
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