Strep throat or ear infection???

Poor Junior... had a temp of 101.9 last night. He woke up at two am with roughly the same. He did not get good and asleep till 430 am. Woke up at 730 am with a temp 102. Temp had been going up and down all day. On top of it he has been falling a lot. When he is sitting he falls backwards, sideways, and face plants. He has trouble standing and when he does he falls. They did a throat culture but I don't know the results yet. We go back to the Dr Monday. The Dr prescribe amoxicillin for him to take but did not say what he thought it was. Will an ear infection or strep throat cause these symotoms? Also, he will only eat about half a meal for lunch and supper but will nurse. What concerns me the most is the falling over.

Susan JoslinEdgewood, Texas
    Oh I'm so sorry for little Junior!
    I actualy dont know what is it - it can be both, but hope your dr will help!
    How does he feel today?
      Susan Joslin
      Fever finally broke about 930 last night and he are some Apple cinnamon oatmeal and went to sleep. He didn't wake up till close to eight this morning.
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