Signs of a fever.. in a baby.

Okay Mamas.. I really need help with this one.. I always hear the doctor tell us where to check the baby's temp and what is normal or not.. if we would ever have to do so.. what I want to know is WHEN do you know to check their temp? Do babies get red? Extra fussy? Can you just "tell" !? Knock on wood.. we haven't had to take Monroe's yet.. but I would love to know your signs that cue you into this!

    4Santana Ferrell
    honestly if he feels warm to you take it. rectal gives the most acurate use vaseline and only the tip of the thermometer.
      The first sign for Tristen is just this droopy red eye look. Then when I feel his skin he is normally warm. I do an underarm temp. His doctor does it that way as well.
        Ever Lopez
        well every time my lil ones start getting fussy i will check the temperature , and if it is 100.0 i will give them tylenol if it was bed time just in case it gets higher and i didnt catch it on time!
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