Tubal reversal

so I have been using progesterone cream for a week . Just feeling a spike in my libido. An awesome feeling. Had a long time with my thyroid I guess really bad but I had no idea that it causes a bad libido in women my doc says. Well my poor guy cause I all of a sudden have an urge now and then. Hehehe gotta love it. But selling everything that I don't need in my home online. It is working a little I am making a little bit extra here and there to help my husband and clean my home up before this all goes down

    Sounds like everything is working out for you! Good luck and baby dust! Did you get the type of progesterone cream from the doctor or the healthfood store? Have you tried both?

    I think I'll be asking for progesterone from my doctor or buying it somewhere soon.
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    I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do