Basal body temperature taking

I haven't tracked my basal body temperature when trying to conceive, but I know it can be a very effective method for getting pregnant.

How do you recommend starting?

Is there a specific basal body thermometer you recommend?

    I just started tracking BBT about 3 months ago. Basically I use FertilityFriend mobile and before I even move in the morning, once the alarm goes off I pop the thermometer in my mouth. It takes almost a full minute because it's so exact. I like the thermometer I bought from Walmart, but I don't think it matters much. FF keeps all my data and will actually make predictions about when you could ovulate after a few cycles. I like it a lot.
    That sounds awesome! I've been using OvuView which I think has the same feature, but I haven't been temping so I'm not entirely certain. I'll have to check it out!
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