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I am a newbie here, and it really feels like the right place to be because it is dedicated to moms, and is just what I want. However I would like to understand all the best benefits that can be used here, i.e. how this place is different from Facebook, does it have any special features that can serve me better as a mom? Please advise!

    Welcome, Assia! Absolutely this place has features above and beyond Facebook. You can view moms in your area, moms who are on the same stage as you. You can post and caption pictures... (which you can then share on Facebook if you'd like!) You can get or give advice in Mom's Expertise using the search bar in the top right, or the Mom's Expertise button on the left.

    There's all sorts of stuff you can do! Let me know if you need any help.

    We're so glad to have you!
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