What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced?

What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced? Have you ever had to deal with hospitalizations or surgeries?

The scariest thing I ever went through was when Bub had some blood work come back that looked scary. It seemed to point to cancer according to the doctor and I was TERRIFIED.

Luckily it wasn't, they did further testing at the Children's Hospital near me, but that time in between wondering and getting results was just so scary. I was numb, honestly, because if I let myself think about it too much it would have been horrifying.

    my daughter was not growing right when she was a toddler so I had to give her medicine (in a shot) every night and she had band-aids all over her legs and the teacher thought I was abusing her (she did not know she was taking medicine) so she called social services only then I told them she took medicine by shot and I got to keep her and the reason I never told the teacher is because she would single my daughter out and make fun of her (she was a mean teacher) but when she found out she told the other kids and they made fun of my daughter after that year I switched schools it was kindergarten her first year of school :-(
      My oldest went through three rounds of RSV in a year. had to hold down an 8 month old- 15 month old to give her 5 breathing treatments a day until she finally beat it.
        The possibility of lupus. And some unexplained bumps. I don't think they're anything, but it still puts me on edge.
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