Anxiety/panic attack :(

I know I've been worrying about a lot of things and today it just hits me.. My body is shaky, heart is racing and I can feel I'm going to have anxiety/panic attack.. I'm trying to calm down but it's so hard to do! Any suggestions that might help me???

Thanks! I'm just worrying too much and it got the best of me :(
    I hope you are feeling better! Panic attacks can be really scary. I know when I start to get really stressed I write it all down. It sounds kind of silly but it really does work. I like to write it out on paper because then I rip it to shreds. I don't know if it is the writing it down or the ripping the paper apart that feels good and helps me relax, I just know it does. And what I write never makes any sense. lol it is just a jumble of words on a page. I write what pops into my brain. lol
      I listen to positive affirmations on YouTube that helps it or do something to get your mind off things like a hobby or craft. Right now I am crocheting my baby a blanket and that helps me calm down. Find your "out" also my midwife told me about a stress relieving natural tablet called Sedalia I got off amazon. It's all natural and safe to even take while pregnant . Feel better!
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