what do people think about child support

My boyfriend and I have not even been together for 2 years I have no idea what to do about child support if I should file for it or not. I am a little worried if I dont he is not going to help out like he should. It upsets me in the short period of time I have had when I found out I was pregnant I have saved up 2,000 and he has not saved anything and not only that instead of saving he is smoking weed. Oh and to boot just found out he owes a shit load of money 25,000 the state is taking out of his check would you file for support or see where things go I would love to hear opinions and yes I am putting a lot of my informaton about my self out there but I need help

    Take him to court. Remember it's not your money. It's your child's money and your child's future money. No mom wants their child to be sitting around smoking weed bc of a bad influence in their life.
      I agree, it's about your child. I wouldn't risk it, if you don't think he's going to be cooperative. Is he still in shock? I know some people need to get away when something so huge happens. If he doesn't shape up and start to help out, I would make sure you do what's best for the baby though.
        thanks for responding guys
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