Favorite Fertility & Cycle-tracker Apps

Do you use an app to track your cycle... period, symptoms of ovulation, intercourse days?

I use Ovuview.
Kimberley Marshall uses Fertility Friend.

What do YOU use? An app? A paper calendar? A phone alarm?

    I've also started to use the graphing/calendar on countdowntopregnancy.com they have all kinds of stats on pregnancy test and most common symptoms sorted by dpo. It's fantastic. I recommend it to everyone. :)
    THIS is my favorite function, They take pregnant women's data, and (for example) at 0 dpo this is the breakdown of pregnant womens results. I feel like I'm rambling but it's SO COOL! lol
    That's awesome! I'm a total data nerd, so it's actually great to see it all laid out like that. That could be such a great help.
    ME too, I could spend days looking at the data and charts on this site, it's been fantastic.
      We used fertility friend ovulation counter. Worked like a charm - conception within the first month!! We like to tell everyone "there IS an app for that"!!
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