Why not summer loving for trying to conceive?

An article at the Telegraph shares that men's sperm in June and August tends to be more often slower and misshapen than any other time of year, though they aren't sure why.

They speculate it could be due to low Vitamin D, since those sperm are made in spring... but wouldn't that make more sense if they'd been made in winter?

This article also goes against something I've always heard... that smoking and drinking had no effect on men's sperm when they were trying to plan a family. Whaaaat? I thought smoking was a big factor.

What do you think? Did you conceive in the summer? Have you read anything about smoking and drinking effects on sperm?

    I've read a lot about the things that can affect sperm, however Steven is less than interested. I know that may sound a little brash, but he kind of hates I've made TTC in to a science. our compromise has been that I'm allowed to chart, look at data, etc but he will just stay stress free and be my rock. It must have worked, we've been able to conceive twice, but never in the summer.
    Sounds like you guys have come to a great compromise. :D

    It's interesting that it's never happened in the summer... I think it's strange, pregnancy correlations like this!
    I agree, but then i look at my mom, who conceived 2/3 in the summer. June. With her third she was actually at a consult for a tubal, The OB looks at her and says "We can't tie your tubes..." and my mom was like "uhhh...why?" and they told her she was pregnant...and now my brothers are only 15 months apart. lol
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