How to teach your child to let a love interest down nicely.

When my daughter was in school a boy in her grade had a massive crush on her. It was obvious to her, and of course all of her friends too. When he finally got up the nerve to ask her she said "NO WAY!" and I am sure it embarrassed him. Poor guy!

I had to have a talk with her about how rude that was. I mean let's face it, probably took the kid a lot of guts to even ask her to be his girlfriend! So I explained to her how she probably hurt his feelings and it could have been handled more politely. She should have said "No thanks, but I do like you as a friend!" or something that wasn't so... abrupt, lol.

Is this a discussion you envision having with your child?

    It is something I'll envision I'll have to one day discuss... Neither my husband nor myself is particularly softspoken, so I fear this might rub off on future children, posing the aforementioned situation.

    Hopefully we'll be able to nip it in the bud and calm our own attitudes before we reach that stage, though still... It might be in the genes, haha!
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