S.O.S. Potty training issue

My son has been wearing undies w/ a cloth trainer for over two months now. He rarely has an accident at daycare and pottys with little to no issue for everyone except me and his father. We have tried a multitude of methods. He gets a treat and sticker after every successful (even if he just tries) potty trip. We will read a short story or take into the bathroom whatever it was he was playing with so he doesn't think it's going away. But it's been a few weeks now and it is a major blowout every time we ask him to go. It's not until daddy and I have completely had it that he gives in. It's so disheartening and stressful for all of us. Has anyone ran into a similar issue and have any suggestions?

    It sounds like he is just not ready yet. My daughter is the same way, we just finally got her completely daytime potty trained a few weeks ago and she is 3.5 years old.

    I think that at daycare he has less issues because their are other kids doing it too. Kids seem to be willing to do things around other kids that they wont at home. For example I have a very picky eater and home who refuses to even try most foods. At the preschool she will try anything they give her, all the kids are required to try everything together. She tries it with no tears or arguments.

    I suggest you stop pushing the issue at home for a few weeks. It seems like it has turned into a power struggle and that there are negative feelings surrounding going on the potty. I don't think you did anything wrong and I think this is a very common issue. Good luck!!
      Maybe let him go potty when Daddy goes. The more he sees it the more he may be willing to do it. I think Katie is right, the other kids at daycare do it so he wants to. Maybe of he watches Daddy go then he will want to go like Daddy does. My little guy goes with his Daddy and now he is trying to go potty like Daddy.
        I hope it works out for you! I think having him go at the same time as daddy might just be the answer you're looking for! Fingers crossed for you
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