Bad thoughts..

agian please no judging. I don't have these thoughts all the time, but more n more recently. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you waited to have kids? What life would be like then, like less stressful. I've actually never had these thoughts until I got pregnant. I wonder if it's normal? Some days I literately try n find someone to take them so I can be alone. If ur not following me, my kids are pretty much five n three. Sad but true when I was in the hospital i thought of my kids n how they were doing but not often. I didn't exactly miss them. I've also had only like five over nights where my kids are away from me a night or two sense I had my daughter almost five years ago. I feel horrible, usually moms miss their kids n can't wait to see them. Not me.. Does anyone else actually look forward to being alone? Or am I just as horrible as I feel?

    I look forward to every single alone minute that I can get, which are not many. I think we have glamorized motherhood way too much. It is hard work and who isn't glad to go home from work at the end of a hard day? Only as Moms we don't get that option, every moment to ourselves is treasured! Sounds perfectly normal to me!
      I love my daughter more than anything but that doesn't mean that I miss her the instant I'm not with her. If Im gone for an extended period of time I miss her. But when it's normal, like I'm at work, or the day or two a week her father takes her, I look forward to that. Of course my daughter is also 11 now and doesn't want much to do with me anyway. Everyone needs to have time alone, there is nothing wrong with that. It's normal, and I'm also a believer in children needing to spend time without their parents as well. It's good for them to interact with others on a regular basis.
        I think it's totally normal to feel this way. Everyone needs alone time, it's just natural... some of us more than others. Keep your chin up, mama!
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