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so I'm supposed to have my baby within a couple weeks. This is my first pregnancy where I wasn't compleatly attached to my baby. Like I care n I no I'm having a baby but I'm not focused or excited about it. Yeah I can't wait to have it, n sure I will love it. I don't no why I feel like this. I mean read my other posts.. What's wrong with me? I have almost everything the baby needs, except a bed. Nothing is organized or put together. I honestly should be on bed rest sense I've been having contractions. Hard with other kids though. Any ways last I knew I had two months left, plenty of time.. Now I have at least five weeks. I'm being induced. Not a exact date yet. Where is the time going? How come I'm not that excited? What if I don't love it? Sad to think about, hard to say.. But how come I keep forgetting I'm having a baby n not like omg yay!! Now please don't think I'm a bad person. I'm not, really just don't have any control of my feelings these days. Mostly a count down till I get better. Can finally get treated for my high copper n zink levels and compleatly get over virtigo. But still, what if I'm really in over my head on this. Yes I wanted and still want the baby. It's just not as exciting as my other two. Makes me feel like a horrible mother yet agian. But this child isn't even here yet.

    I think probably as you have more kids you kind of get used to the whole pregnancy, Mom thing. It's not that you're not going to love this one but you've been through it a few times and got this thing down. Lol it sounds to me like you're just more relaxed about this one, which makes total sense...totally not like a horrible Morther...but rather an experienced one :-)
      You're probably used to it... Once you smell that baby head and see those beautiful eyes, you'll probably feel a lot better! But if your hormones may be making you depressed, make sure to talk to someone.

      I've read a couple places that something similar to PPD can start happening even before you've delivered.

      Best of luck, I'm sure you'll do great. You're not a horrible mother at all!
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