crying emotional oh boy

My daughter wanted too watch toddlers and tiaras and one boy was doing his last show and everyone was so proud of him he won the supreme for the boys and I started too cry with his mom wow I was feeling the emotions running through me never In any of my other pregnancies have I ever did that made me laugh and smile

kandiUtica, New York
    I felt that way with both pregnancies. Little things made me cry. I like watching medical dramas (like greys anatomy) and EVERY TIME someone died, even if they weren't actually a character: I BAWLED! I would just laugh at myself through the tears. Steven thought I was a nut case.
      You definitely do have those hormones flowing! It's an amazing feeling, isn't it, getting the tears from pregnancy?
      I know just made me smile cause sometimes you don't feel like your pregnant until the baby is actually kicking so its nice too actually have a feeling that is really special and let's you know something is different and special
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