Your 8 year old drops the F bomb..

It's pretty normal for kids to cuss behind their parents backs. They try the words out just to hear how it sounds coming from them. While we don't love this, we know it happens.

But what happens when they cuss in front of you? How do you react?

    My oldest daughter had a great grandma that cussed worse than a sailor and was racist beyond belief... She had been hearing those worse for two years...and then went to preschool, got mad, and spouted every racist comment and cuss word in the book.. Whereas the school and even the other parents involved completely understoof she had no idea the meaning behind those words, she had to be suspended for a week per school rules. Grandpa was the one that was home to answer the call, called me, then went to get her. When I got home i got stories of 'grandpa put a bar of soap in my mouth!!!' Which he had. It had cured his kids of it and since she hasn't uttered a racial slur or cuss word since, I would say it cured her of it, too. (He left in her mouth for like two minutes).
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