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ObamaCare is the worst thing that has happened to the United States in a very long time! Ughness! We are being forced to pay almost $300 a month for health insurance that covers almost nothing an has an almost $5000 deductible every year...we have no choice unless we want to find a plan on our own which would cost even more...so I'm paying almost $300 a month just so I can pay $5000 before insurance kicks in...exactly HOW is this a good thing? And my husband works for a hospital/insurance company. It does cover Tristen's immunizations though so that is something...but I could get those at the health department at no cost.
I'm curious how everyone else feels about ObamaCare? Do you feel like it is nothing like what they tried to make it seem?

    Sorry to hear you're having troubles with it. I've not come to a conclusion about it yet. One concern I have is the insurance requirement when it comes to people who are self-employed because it can get expensive. Hopefully it will develop and we will have good healthcare the way it is in many other developed countries.

    I do not yet have a fully developed opinion on it.
    We looked into getting insurance before he got this job and we didn't qualify for the grants to help with insurance because we made too little! I was self employed for a long time and purchased my own insurance...it's almost tripled now.
      Cobra is awful! My husband was working for another insurance company when ObamaCare kicked in and everyone was upset. It isn't right that you don't get a choice any longer. If we wanted to not have it we had to prove we had other insurance and even though we did they still took our the whole premium for last month even though he wasn't signed up until this month and we were not covered last month...because ObamaCare says they can. At least that's what they told me.
        8Theresa Gould
        I'm against Obamacare. I had Cobra when I quit work nearly 18 years ago and my husband had his own insurance. He had really good insurance up until 2008. Now I'm self-employed and health care costs are expensive.
        I couldn't have said it better!
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