oatmeal allergy?

We started Brielle on oatmeal and she's had diarrhea since. Is it an allergy and if so what is it in the oatmeal she's allergic to so we can avoid foods like it?

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    It's mixed with breast milk and she's had it for two days. Today's the second day and we started last night at around 7ish. My boyfriend gave it some time while I was at work this morning (7-12) and she's had diarrhea all morning apparently and she's had it pretty bad since I've been home. Normally she poops every other day and today she's already pooped 5 times and it just keeps coming and coming when she goes. And it's like water.
      The main treatment for diarrhea in children is rehydration to replace lost fluid quickly. Don't give her any more oatmeal try waiting a month before you try it with her again, it might not be an allergy to the oatmeal. Give it time. Try introducing bananas they help with diarrhea.
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        I bet she's too little yet for cereal.
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