Did your baby have any complications or birth defects?

Mine did not. The only issue that came up is one of our children had a heart murmur and they diagnosed it as some heart issue that she would probably outgrow and she did by the time she was school age.

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    Jaina was born with Down Syndrome and heart problems. She out grew her heart problems.

    Jonah was born with syndactyly on both hands (webbing and fusing of the fingers together) and a narrow heart valve near his aorta and two holes in his heart. He was also born with a high case of jaundice. His numbers were close to putting him in a coma. He did photo therapy for five days, four to five times a day. The numbers dropped way below the safe range and he is no longer yellow.
    We went to the cardiologist yesterday and both holes closed up and the valve opened up more. The number for concern dropped as well. They said his valve is growing with him--so the more he grows, the more it opens up. Also, his feet, hands, and around his mouth no longer turn purple.
    He will be having surgery, more than likely, for his hands next month. We got to go get X-Rays tomorrow to see the severity of the condition of his hands. We are praying for an easy surgery. Also, due to his heart healing, he was cleared for anesthesia.
    However, I am still worried because they are putting my child to sleep and cutting into my baby.

    But, praise God his little heart healed. :)
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