Wire framed glasses, junk or is it just me?

So far my son has gone through THREE pairs of wire framed glasses in no time flat. I am seriously considering buying him the plastic framed ones! It just seems like they bend SO easily.

If you or your kids wear glasses do you prefer the wire frames or the plastic frames? I just don't really love how the plastic frames look on him but we might just have to do that.

    Can you get the kid-safe ones? the ones that pretty much bend whatever way you want them too and don't break? I've been buying at least double hinged ones since I became an aunt 13 years ago... saves on frames. :)
      I buy plastic frames, but I've broken those too. I like Tabitha's idea of the bendy ones, though I know someone who SOMEHOW kept breaking those too, lol.

      I don't remember breaking my wire frames as a kid, but I did lose them in the ocean. Oops.
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