15 month old wont sleep in his bed all night

What should I do? He rolls too much to sleep in my bed when im sleep but when I place him in his bed he wakes up. I NEED SLEEP!!! Please help me.

    My baby boy was the EXACT SAME WAY!! He is 16 months now. I have been "sleep training." Where I get him to sleep first, then lay him in his crib, of course he would wake up at first. And cry. The first night he cried 45 mins. But I would go in after 5 minutes, then increase to 10, and then 15 and so on. Lay him back down, give him his paci, and just reassure him he's ok, then leave the room. I think it has been a couple weeks now, and I can lay him in his crib without him even crying a bit!!! It's great I sleep so much better. And I think he does too! It's hard at first but so worth it. Also important to keep a consistent bed time routine. Hope this helps!!
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