Do you have a funny delivery story!?!

I was told this after my son was born. My family was sitting in waiting room and my mom and husband were in the room with me and every time I needed them to do something for me they would go find my nurse for me. They told me that they were glad that I wasn't like the girl out in the hall screaming and hitting everyone who came into her vision. I asked what was she screaming and they said she was screaming at her doctor to give her a c-section that she's not gonna push. They proceeded to tell me that she was already pushing the baby without any knowledge that she was doing so. So my question is do you guys have any funny delivery stories that happened to you or someone around you in the hospital!?!

    Lol! I'm probably going to be that woman who's hitting everyone in sight, just to be honest lol. I hope I'll be able to keep my calm though!
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