Breastfeeding tips and myths

Breast feeding is not easy, but you can get the hang of it. Know that you haven't somehow failed if you find yourself struggling. Talk with a lactation consultant, they will be glad to help you!
If it's painful try a different position or hold, also make sure your baby is latched on properly with bottom lip surrounding your nipple.
When your engorged and your baby isn't latching on try pumping some milk out to get your nipple erect. This will help for a better latch.
Stay hydrated while breastfeeding keep a bottle of water close by.
Your breastfed baby can never have a bottle - Myth.
Just takes finding the right flow from the bottle to mimic your breast.
Your newborn will eat every two to three hours. - Myth. If your doctor recommends a feeding schedule so be it, most babies younger than six weeks will feed more randomly. I was told to feed every 2-3 hours, but breast milk is digested after 90 minutes. So if your child is cluster feeding or is still hungry in between their schedule, just feed them, it'll be okay.
Getting less sleep for the breastfeeding mothers, not true. Although Formula-fed babies can generally go longer between feedings, because formula takes longer to digest, every baby is different and every baby's sleep pattern is different. Breastfeeding mothers who keep their babies in close proximity to them have the benefit of not having to get up, prepare the formula, warm the bottle, and so on.
Remember to talk with a lactation consultant if you have any questions about feeding your baby.

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    Thanks for the tips! I've heard amazing stories of lactation consultants turning things around for the better. Great advice.
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      Thanks for sharing.
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