Today just updating ... I am starting to track my peroid days but still just really confused about this 28 day cycle thing or so. My progesterone cream ladies has helped more than i realized my peroid on day two is heavy as always but i am not in so much

Progesterone cream wow is helping in so many ways. I can function with out so much pain. My period always makes me almost non functional and sick. So much that I have to struggle to get though my days. Not this month I am cleaning flowing sure but not in pain....

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      I didn't know it had that effect. Now I'll definitely have to try it! Have you picked up any ovulation predictor kits or started to track your symptoms through your cycle?

      I highly recommend the OvuView app. Fertility Friend is supposed to be good too.
      Thank you I will try it . I know not anything about where I am to track or what. At times I feel really lost
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        Hoping for the best for you.
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