Surrogate twins split up?

Wow, this story was twelve kinds of convoluted.

The basic gist is a surrogate mother births two babies, twins, one healthy and the other with a congenital heart defect and Down Syndrome.

The non-surrogate mother took the healthy child, and left the other child with the surrogate. The surrogate is now raising the child with the heart defect and would like the other twin back, after not being paid.... and finding out the father is a pedophile.


What a terrible situation. She said she is trying to leave it up to fate, and she's only in her early twenties, with two kids of her own, plus the twins.

What would you do if you were here? Sounds like a tough situation.

    I have been follow this story since it first came out. It is getting more and more convoluted and complicated. I have a feeling that both sides have made mistakes here. Surrogacy is illegal in Australia which is why the biological parents went to Thailand, it is illegal there too but not enforced. It is illegal to pay the surrogate mother as well. Both parties entered into this agreement knowing there were deceiving the government and lying.

    I think this story should make us push for in change laws regarding surrogacy. The surrogate mother, biological parents and the baby all need laws in place to protect them. We all need to learn from this horrible story and try to make positive change.
    Often times women living in poverty are taken advantage of and lied to. Women are promised money, they are not made aware of the risks, and the agencies keep a large portion of the money for themselves. It creates a large number of legal issues that some countries just don't want to deal with. In Thailand it is only allowed to be a surrogate for a blood relative who can't carry their own baby and no money is allowed to be exchanged.
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