3 month old very attached!!!

My 3 month old wants me to hold her all day! Also, she doesn't sleep much during the day. If I put her down, she cries :( It's difficult to get things done! She sleeps like a log at night but I'm left exhausted and frustrated because I have so much to do and most of it doesn't get done! I'm going to get a baby sling today!

I just don't understand why she is so attached to me right now. A week ago she could lay in her play pin for a couple hours without crying. She'd play and eventually fall asleep. Anyone have or have had this problem?

    8Theresa Gould
    Could she be going through a growth spurt? Does she want to eat more? Could she be bored of just laying in her play pen? Could she be crying because she has a soiled diaper?

    She's was in your womb for nine months, that attachment started at conception and really doesn't go away for a long time. :)
      I've heard a few moms having this problem on here. Have you tried baby wearing so she can be close but you can have your hands free?
        She wants to eat a lot more! She is now drinking 7 oz every feeding! It seems like she is always hungry lol I bottle feed. I think that she gets bored. I'm using the Pandora app on my phone right now and it's playing The Little Mermaid's "Part of your World" song. She is trying to sing lol Coo sounds. Very active baby. So it may be that she is bored and doesn't want to miss out on some fun :p

        I am getting a sling at Target. They have some good prices there. She is getting really heavy though lol Ugh! It will be a good workout for me. TY pretty ladies <3
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