wean off pacifier

how do i wean off pacifier for my 6 month old. She needs it during her naps in the day and while she falls asleep by rocking at night, but wakes up around 2 am screaming.

    A member here once shared a method that I though was absolutely brilliant... She made it sort of a ceremony with her kids... and put all the pacis in a shoebox with them to "send off to the new babies who need them" She also got her kids a new toy or something else small for their bravery in giving up the pacifiers.

    Kiara may be a little young for that one though. Maybe just take it away slowly? Hopefullly some other mamas will have some good ideas.
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree slowly weaning her off of it might work. Sometimes they have their own schedule. I've heard some just take it away cold turkey and let them cry.
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