Ok mommy's I need reassurance!

Like some of you already know this is my third pregnancy , I am 26 weeks pregnant (almost)! I am so glad that I have made it to this milestone! I had a stressful beginning with an sch bleed after having a previous miscarriage so I have been on edge and worried and anxious this whole pregnancy. On top of that I feel so alone like nobody including my husband understands what I am going through! He is not sympathetic at all! I feel nausea at times and sometimes I think it's in my head? But I feel the worst when I go out, especially when I have to go to the grocery store or when I smell something I don't like! I try to avoid leaving the house at all costs. I feel like this will never end! I pray it does at least after delivery! I hope I am not getting an anxiety disorder that will last forever! Has anyone else gone through feeling like this while pregnant? I think I have slight post traumatic stress disorder after going through so so much the whole beginning of this year! And i feel like once i have this baby boy that a HUGE wright will be ligted off my shoulders! I probably sound totally crazy but needed to get this off my chest tonight lol. Thanks ladies! Please comment any experiences!

    I sure hope so! I try to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible it's just so hard to control
    My feelings sometimes and my nausea that I randomly get is driving me absolutely crazy! And normally men don't understand emotions let alone pregnancy nausea and how that feels! Grr and blah lol! J have gotten to the point that I feel the "safest" at home and get nervous to go anywhere. Thanks for the much needed reassurance!
      I feel like I'm alone too and with my hubby not being sympathetic. I have a long way to go. I'm only 8 weeks! Stress is not good at all. Try to focus on something happy and positive! I hope you have a smooth 3rd trimester into labor! :)