there really are nice people out there.

There really are nice people out there, This guy who is one of our usuals who always tips us, he came in and was excited I was working since my other coworker wasn't. Well when he went to tip his usual $2, I said I really appreciate you tipping us and complimenting us, makes us feel better about our jobs, and I mentioned that all my tips I get go in my son's piggy bank. I said I was saving all my tips and selling his old clothes and my old clothes to get him his birthday present, he asked how much I had gotten already and I said half of the money so far. He then pulled out his wallet again and slapped down a $20 bill! My mouth dropped and my eyes got big, he goes you know that is the nicest thing I've heard in a long time and you are a real sweetheart, put this in his piggy bank towards his birthday present. I said are you serious sir? he said yea, you deserve it.
Made my entire night!

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