single mom regrets...

It can keep me up most nights, thinking about things I shouldve done to make sure raising my daughter would be better. I should have finished my degree, I should have been saving money, I shouldn't have wasted time on peiple who weren't worth it.
I hate letting these things bother me, especially since I have work in the morning, I just wish I could be better for her...

    We all wish we could be better for our children, single or not. I have the same fears sometimes. But the truth is, we'll never be perfect and our children will never get to grow up in a perfect environment, no matter how hard we try. What will matter the most in the end to your daughter is how much she knows you love her and how much you tried to be the best mother you could be. The more positive you are about yourself and about your future and her future, she will be happier and you will be happier in return. You have to stay focused and stay positive :-)
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