What is your kids bedtime?

I've always been super anal about my kids bedtime… I don't know why, I think because I'm with them all the time that the only time I truly have to myself where I know that they are fine and well, is when they are cozy in their beds. I put them to bed pretty early I'm told… My son, almost 9 and my daughter is 6… and they are in bed with books by 7:15… Lights out by 7:45 and asleep (mostly) by 8… AND I can be somewhat of a freak about it… I liek our evening routine… I like to be home by 4:30… relax, dinner by 5:30, bath and then one TV show and then bed… It's always worked for me and they know what to expect… BUT as my son gets older, he wants a later bed time… and well, I don't… My goal during the summer afternoons was to tire them out… either swimming or the park or playing outside… so that they were tired at my regular time… But some of my friends make fun of me… It's sort of an a joke… at 4pm… wherever we are, they joke, «Oh… Jessica and her kids are going to turn into a pumpkin»… But, if I'm totally honest, the friends I have, whose kids are late bed timers… like 9:30, 10… are kind of little jerks... 

I would put my kids to bed later if they slept later, but they're still up at 6 no matter what… AM I being to anal? Or are you envious? lol...

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    8Theresa Gould
    I find with having older children our younger children stay up later than our older children did. Our little guys go to bed around 8pm. The next crew around 8:30-9pm and then our girls who are teens 10pm or later depending on if they can get to sleep or not. But we loved it when our first five would be in bed by 7-7:30pm. We were pretty religious about it too. We've just relaxed in our old age, plus since we moved my husband has been getting home later too so this gives everyone time to see him.
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