Which milestone has been your proudest so far?

Which milestone has your baby/kid hit so far that left you just beaming with pride?

Rolling over the first time?
Taking their first step?
Saying their first word?

Let me know, mamas!

    Oh my goodness.... Ellsie is talking. She's not even 11 months old yet. She's a little parrot. She may not understand completely what something is... but so far she's said, "peas = please," "puff," "burp," "hey/hi," Mom-mom," "Dada," "Ball," "Ba = Bottle," "yeah," "no," "happy," "pitty = pretty," "me = mean," "duck/ducky" "pick up" and "Gim-lock = Grimlock" which is a transformer from Transformers 4.

    She's pretty ridiculous. My favorite sentences she's used are "pick up peas" and "no happy." lol
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