The new update that based on last Sunday post.

I mentioned about my son's tongue on Sunday afternoon. It came back this morning and I immediately called his doctor to make an appointment. The nurse checked his tongue. Cassaundra was right about lines that Gabriel have.

Good news is we don't need to be more concerned about marks because he sucked his pacifier hard than usual and it must be from his teething that he bit harder than before.

Bad news is we MIGHT have to deal with Gabriel's pains because the nurse saw his bumps on the gums that alllllll teeth in the back look so ready to come in at same time. It won't be good for him because he will be in great pain when all teeth are cutting thru at same time. Yikes! Hope all of us make it thru with sleepless nights once he is finished with his teeth cutting thru.

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      Melissa Middleton
      I was always told it was better for more than one to come in at a time instead of one at a time because then they are in pain again not too soon after the first one comes in.
      I hope they all come in quickly for the little fella. Bless his heart. :)
        8Theresa Gould
        Good news about Gabriel's tongue, sad news about all his teeth deciding to come in at the same time - wow, that's a lot of teeth for a little guy to deal with at once.
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