needing a break

Has anybody else ever felt like they needed a break from one or both of your kids? I feel so bad, but right now I really could use a break from my oldest. Every since her father passed away it always just been just me and her. And don't get me wrong I love my daughter and love having her around all the time. It's just that she is now 16 and never goes anywhere and does anything and I'm a single stay at home mom. So everywhere I go she goes. I can't even go next door to my neighbors without her coming to or getting upset if I say I want to go over without her. I just sometimes wish she had a friend she could go spend the night with or hang out with sometimes. Just so once in a while we both have time away from each other for a little bit. I could really use some adult time. She has become like my best friend and that's great, but I don't want her at 16 years old to only really have her mom as her only friend. I don't know what to do. If I tell her I need time to myself she will get upset and I don't want that. Luckily school starts soon and we will have some healthy time apart..I feel bad for even thinking this..Please tell me I'm not the only parent who thinks this way

    Your feelings are totally normal. I feel like I need breaks from my kids. Being a mom is tough. Always having your kids with you and never getting time to yourself is tough. Don't feel bad, you are completely normal!

    Maybe your daughter is having a hard time with the passing of her father? It could explain why she is very attached to you. How is she handling the loss? Can you get her involved in a school sport or activity?
      The 29th of this month will be 6 years since he passed. And I know it's still hard on her and I'm sure that might be part the reason. I took her to see somebody about it a few years ago and all in all the lady thought she was fine considering everything..She did cheerleading last year but was not able to do it this year do to a knee problem..I just really wish she could make some good long lasting friends to spend some time with. She is just very different from most the other teens these days. She's not on the same level as most 16 year olds. And it's so weird cause she is gorgeous and looks wise looks like she would be the popular cheerleader type, but she's the total opposite. Even when she did cheer, she loved it cause she got to be the flyer but she was the shyest and quietest cheerleader ever...And thanks for making me feel better about feeling the way I do
        I totally understand what your saying..Mine never leaves for me to miss her.I never thought of it like that. My youngest leaves all the time with her dad. But with my oldest it's always me and her no matter what..I've tried asking her if she wanted to go spend time with her dads side of the family seen as since he passed she really doesn't get to see them and she says straight up no! and at her age now I can't make her go..And don't worry your not a bad parent either..Enjoy your time
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