Starting 1st Grade

Well my son Seamus had his first day of 1st grade today. And they go by a color system in our district. Green = Good , Yellow = Warning , Orange = Principles office and Purple = suspension. Well most of last year he has been on green and then slowly has been on constant yellows and oranges. How should I face this?

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4Victoria Edwards
Well its truly hard to say because he has been starting to lie to me and I had to write a note to his teacher when he was in Kindergarten to try and figure it out. So, I did. He was having a hard time concentrating in class and doing things he shouldn't have.
But, I think the hardest thing was when his father and I separated and finalized our divorce last week. He has grown accustom to not seeing his father every day (His father wasn't the kind of person I wanted around my children). But I think he gets the idea that him and his brothers and sister (no relation to my ex) are my world and I wouldn't want or let anyone hurt them emotionally or physically again. So everyday I sit him down and talk sure hes 6 but hes smart. Sometimes hes angry and sometimes hes himself (Happy and being a kid).
He really admires his papa (my fiance) he is in their lives more than my ex was and he also helps him with his homework and other things.
But now I think that he is truly understanding what is happening in his father and my relationship. That there is no way that we are getting back together, I don't want him to forget who his father is and don't mind that my 3 boy goes over and see him on his days for visitation. I am glad my two oldest are happy to go but my youngest son hates being away. He has known my fiance since he was 7 months old and considers him his "dada" as he calls him but he tolerates it because he sees his bothers getting read to go.

I am so sorry for the long rant. I just really had to get that off my chest.
Oh that is a LOT to deal with, I'm sure he's going through some adjustments with the divorce and having to go to his dads!

You know, I also think it's an age thing. Kids that young have a vast array of how well they can stay still and pay attention. Some kids just simply NEED more physical activity than what they get in the classroom. I would encourage him to do his best to pay attention and give lots of rewards for good behavior.
4Victoria Edwards
Thank you Melissa. What kind of activities would you recommend
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