Long week for us so far

We had Jason's birthday on Sunday, he turned 9 years old. I've just been busy all week and haven't had a chance to stop by here. I have a mini chance right now, I have the little one's napping which I should actually be doing too and the bigger kids are either outside or with a friend so I'm just getting things picked up and clean around the house, I washed down all the cupboards and cleaned the kitchen floor, got all the dishes organized again and now just taking a break trying to relax a little. This is the last full week before the kids go back to school, Tuesday is their first day of school, they got their schedules yesterday and I met with a few of their teachers for a few minutes. Emily is going into 10th grade, Jordan is going into 8th grade, Sara is going into 5th grade, Jason is going into 3rd grade, Aiden is going into 1st grade and Chloe will be in Preschool this year only three days a week though Tuesday-Thursday. So I have six of them in school this year and three at home all day so I'll still have a lot going on even with three of them at home. Phew been such a busy week getting everything together it totally slipped my mind that I haven't posted on here. I hope you ladies are having a great week, the weekend is almost here.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    9Michelle Fritch
    Thanks ladies, I certainly go through days where I just don't know how I got through that day. I try my hardest and am pretty good at multi tasking which I think helps. Tim works long hours and I'm almost always the only one here to take care of the kids, I do it on my own a lot and am pretty exhausted at the end of the day.
    9Michelle Fritch
    They are somewhat excited, I know my oldest son isn't thrilled at all about school starting but he'll get over it. My oldest daughter though can't wait for school to start so it's kind of a mixture lol.
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