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This article really hit home with me. "Healthy" meals for my family has been hard. In the last 4 years, my husband and I have been trying our best to get a better job and live better. The last two years ended up being our roughest.
My husband had a GREAT job, we were living decent and eating great - had a budget and routine and decided to have another child. We were about to move into a new apartment that was slightly bigger and then we get the phone call - everything went into storage and we were living in a small bedroom with his parents. We stayed strong together, though there were a few tears. Trying to keep calm and remember to trust in the Lord was at it's greatest.
We were blessed to find the current house and an awesome landlord before my sons arrival. Two weeks after he was born, the job he had laid him off and he was unable to find a job for nearly two months. I started really working on trying to get my photography off of the ground (never happened) Unfortunately finding a better job in the current area we are living is no luck.
"Where is she going with this?" I am saying: I'm tired of going to the grocery store and worrying about what all my children are eating. At least I know they are eating.
Last night we went in to Wal-Mart for bread and eggs. I had just got paid from a recent freelance work, so we had money to pick my husband up more boxers (Why do men go through socks and boxers so fast?!) and a candle. The cashier was talking with coworkers and didn't realize that she forgot to end the order and scanned my husbands things. The women in front of us said "The last one in line is the one who pays!" They looked at me and asked, "Are you with him?" I politely nodded and smiled. "You should have a talk with him when you get home - the last person in line is supposed to pay!" They looked behind me - I had my 3 year old daughter and infant in his car seat in the cart. My husband had our 19 month old in his cart. Another worker joined in, "I don't think he can afford to pay the back of the line - he has enough on his hands." The ladies then looked down almost pity. At the time, I had no words.
Now I do... I am tired of pity looks when I go to town. Yes, I have multiple kids. No matter how much I worry - I know that God will never leave us. They are my inspiration not to give up. For now I can continue to work harder than ever to accomplish my personal goals and my children are with me to learn from my mistakes and supporting me with lots of tickles and hugs.
For the other moms, just keep continuing to care. There is never enough "care".…

Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    8Theresa Gould
    I wonder what they would have said or done had I been at the end of the line with my eight!? I agree with the others and the fact that God does always provide.
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