Third day of prenatal care as a student midwife

We saw five expectant mamas today. Two of whom I had met before. One of whom is due next week. We have three upcoming births in August 16, 25 and 26, so it will be interesting to see who goes when and how close they all will be!

My midwife showed me by guiding my hands how to palpitate one mom's tummy. We felt baby's head, which was down thankfully, and back and bitty feet.

I got to use the doppler today and count babies' heartbeats. I was way off on one but got the variable counts down.

That is pretty much all. I was relieved to actually have felt what my midwife felt while palpitating. I was also relieved that my blood pressure was more normal today, but am still aiming to make some changes in exercise, just wish I wasn't so tired all the time.

We have two home visits on Saturday with Mamas who are due soon so that will be something new.

Again, I drove home with the feeling of loving what I am doing and eager to learn more.

There are some upcoming classes in September and October that I am hoping to participate in and praying finances will come through somehow.

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