Very Stressed

I want to say thanks to all the moms that tried to help me. I can't find a job the online jobs are no help and it has been 1 year since i have not worked. The only thing that is keeping me from cracking is my son that has a disability a i know he needs me. My husband has been holding down the fort but we have been working from pay check to pay check. Don't know how much more stress i can take. You are awesome moms.

    That is so rough! We are in the same situation. I have been looking for a long time as well. This site is so nice, it's nice to know we are not in it alone and that someone out there has been there or is there. I hope you find something soon :-)
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      Where I live they literally have nothing. My husband moved us back to where we us to live and it went down hill. So now until my son graduates next year this is where I am at. We can barely have money to pay for fuel just making ends meets. Thats why I am mad cause with a second income we can manage it. Living here in upstate Ny is so expensive without a second income.
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      I am a 42 year old mother with 2 kids. My son with mild cause of down syndrome trying to get him into acting and involved in Special Olympics. My daughter who is a model getting her star-tum. My husband who works for the biggest company Avon doing (IT)