My next thing is luggage i never go anywhere so i am gonna have to get me some soon.woohooo getting excited.

God is good . Just pray that we can get through this pressure as a couple it's getting a little intense for my husband. he's feeling allot of pressure about getting that much money together. It doesn't seem like a lot but when you don't have it. It can hurt the budget a bit.

oh I don't intend to ,I almost never go on over night trips so i'm not spending a lot on this
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      as soon as I get my reversal money together never thought that being bi-lingual for 20 years could be such a help in life my life I mean. I have spoken and checked out extensively the doctor that is going to do my reversal. I love the Spanish culture.
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      I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do