Fire escape plan for your family

With the dry weather and drought conditions everyone should be fire ready and have an escape plan.

1. Know your exits.
2. Plan routines & a place to meet outside.
3. Fire ladder.(attach and practice)
4. Make sure family knows the soun of the smoke detector.
5. Post the fire deptartment number in a place where everyone can see.
6. Store matches & lighters.
7. Clean brush away from house, roof gutter, tall dry grass.
8. Store painst, thnners well away from heat.
9. Prevent electrical fire. (plug up electrical outlets w/outlet covers)
10. Fire extinguisher. (Make sure you show family how to use and the difference between A=Wood, cloth Paper B=Flammable liquids C=Wiring

    8Theresa Gould
    I remember my parents going over this with us and at school. Reminds me it's time to do it with our children again!
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