so tired

the fatigue has set in.....I am so tired!!! All the time!!! Can I just go back to bed please???

4Ariel LaCosteCanyon, Texas
    9Michelle Fritch
    Aww I'm tired too, I didn't sleep last night because of a certain infant that kept me up but I can't blame her she's only two months old. You can go back to bed, I like getting a nap time in with the kids it helps me get through the day easier.
      8Theresa Gould
      A big yes! You are growing a baby and need your rest! Do your children do well with an afternoon quiet time alone in their rooms or with you in yours? Audiobooks are great entertainers for quiet time.
        4Ariel LaCoste
        thanks ladies. I got a little nap in today. I just forgot how exhausting the first few months are. Luckily I have only had one or two icky days. I'll get through it ;-) I have 4 other times lol
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