What age did you get your first tattoo?

For the ladies here who have ink, at what age did you get your first tattoo? Do you still like that tattoo or do you regret getting it done?

So many parents tell their kids not to get tattoos as an older teen or young adult because they may not like it in a few years. I was just wondering how true that is for the mommas here.

    ha...i got my first one illegally at 14. lied to my parents and somehow got away with it for a while. i'm not crazy about it now, but i dont hate it either. i have 6 total and i regret none of them. i got them all before i turned 23 and i'm 28 now. i think any age (within reason) is fine as long as they have put ALOT of thought into it. my husband on the other hand has none and thinks they are a waste of money.
      I got my first tattoo at 16, with my parents permission of course, but it took some convincing. My twin sister and I got matching zodiac tattoos. I still love it and don't regret it at all. I have gotten five more since. However; I do have a tattoo I got at 18 I regret it was on a whim, a free tattoo, and an irrational immature decision on my part. The rest of my tattoos were all thought out, have meaning to me, and were done by professionals I researched before hand.
      What ever the tattoo and no matter what age you are just make sure youre getting a tattoo for the right reason and you've allowed yourself an amount of consideration that is equivalent to the premanance of your tattoo.
      of course my mom and dad tattoo is my favorite.
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