How to organize stored milk?

When I was making my registry, I saw all sorts of neat contraptions to store your breastmilk when freezing.

My favorite was one that looked like a floppy disk organizer.

How do you make sure you're using the milk in order so you don't have old milk left over in the back of the fridge? Do you have a system? Do you use milk bags? Any particular form of storage?

I saw Katie had what appeared to be a freezer/fridge full. What method do you use, Katie?

    I used the breastmilk storage bags and froze them flat. Once they are frozen you can stand them up in a container with the newest ones being put in the back. Make sure to mark all of them with a date and time.

    If you have as much milk as I did it is impossible to truly organize. Having only a couple hundred ounces is easy ;)
    LOL, Katie. Thanks for the tips! Sounds similar to how I do frozen chicken broth in bags... just WAY more of it, hah.
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